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Pediaphon GIS (location based service)!

Let your computer read out the Wikipedia article that fits best to your location!

Use Wikipedia as a talking guide!

Your position estimated by geolocation API of your browser:

(will be displayed here)

To generate best fitting Wikipedia MP3 audio article click the button. Position will be estimated by the help of Firefox geolocation API needs Firefox >= 3.5.


or let Pediaphon try to estimate your position regarding to your IP address.

Hint: As a mobile user you can estimate your position with Google mobile my location without a GPS device! Unfortunately there is no open API to use it directly for external location based services like Pediaphon at this time, wake up Google :-( (I wrote this in 2007, no longer true, the whole world is now aware of location based services ;-) Even your iPhone, iPad or iPod (IOS>=3) will work with geolocation API, Android will follow with 2.3 (gingerbread).

For more detailed information read the pediaphon develover blog.

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