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MP3 files, play lists and podcasts automatically generated from Wikipedia!

Let your computer read out the Wikipedia for you!

Learning during jogging and driving! E-learning and m-learning with MP3 players and mobile phones! A podcast and a winamp play list will be generated too.

To listen to a text just drag and drop it into the form:

voice (f=female/m=male)

speaking speed


Let your computer read out all English web pages with the Pediaphon!

You can integrate this functionality into the browser just with a bookmarklet. No installation of Software is needed. just add the Pediaphon bookmarklet to your bookmarks/favorites.

In Firefox it is easy to drag an drop the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar:

If you like to listen to a text on any web page just highlight the text and activate the bookmaklet with a press on the bookmark toolbar or your favorites. A new browser tab will playback the selected text as speech instantly!

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